Welding Engineering & Metallurgical

Welding has established itself as one of the most efficient and economical methods of joining materials. Various Codes are available that establish the basic criteria for welding and brazing which are observed in the preparation of welding and brazing requirements that affect procedure and performance, such as

  • ASME Section IX
  • AWS D1.1
  • EN ISO 15609-1, EN ISO 15614

Generally the process of welding procedure qualification follows the process of

  • Identifying the Code of Construction relevant to the welding
  • Specifying the mechanical, metallurgical and other material properties required of the base (parent) material to be welded
  • Selection of the most appropriate welding process
  • Selection of the best filler material match to the base metal
  • Determination of the essential welding variables (and supplementary essential welding variables if required) required to be met during procedure qualification
  • Welding out of the procedure qualification test coupon, and monitoring of all the essential variables
  • Performing of the relevant non-destructive and destructive tests to verify the acceptability of the welding procedure
  • Drafting and authorising of the necessary records required by the relevant Codes.