AVV People

Harry Smith
(SAQCC IPE353, CP-PV417)

Harry is the founder and CEO of Africa Vessel Verification. He has many years' experience in chemical plant and fishing industry pressure equipment as well as new fabrication and welding inspection on boilers and pressure vessels. In addition, he has over 20 years' experience in the manufacture and inspection of road tankers.

Email : harry@africaverification.co.za

Anwar Akram
(SAQCC IPE185, CP-B064, CP-PV141)

Anwar Akram is our Quality Manager who has over 30 years experience in the industrial, offshore, power generation, refrigeration, marine and petrochemical industries. He is an ASME Authorized Inspector Supervisor, an IIW Welding Inspector, a SAQCC Inspector of Pressurized Equipment and a Competent Person (Pressure Vessels and Boilers). Anwar has an NDT background.

Email : anwar@africaverification.co.za

Ryno Smith

Ryno Smith has over 10 years experience in new fabrication and repairs of pressure equipment in the industrial, refrigeration, petrochemical and transport industries. He is an Authorized Inspector (AI) and an Inspector of Pressurized Equipment.

Email : ryno@africaverification.co.za

Stan Upsher
(Pr. Eng. 850603, MSc, MBA)

Stan is the Technical Manager of Africa Vessel Verification and is responsible for design reviews. He has a Master's Degree in Engineering with over 35 years experience in structural and pressure vessel design.

Email : stan@africaverification.co.za