In-Service Inspection

South African regulations require that vessels and boilers/steam generators are inspected and tested at prescribed intervals. Boilers and vessels require inspection every 3 years. Additionally, boilers require an online inspection/steam inspection every year. Equipment which is regulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Act and of Hazard Category II, III or IV must be inspected by persons qualified to at least South African Qualification and Certification Competent Persons (Pressure Vessels or Boilers). AVV has personnel who are qualified for in-service pressure vessel and boiler inspections.

Typically inspections following the PER will involve

  • Confirmation of nameplate details
  • Review of inspection history
  • Internal and external visual examination
  • Supplementary non-destructive testing
  • Witness of pressure test (hydraulic or pneumatic)
  • Issue of inspection report
  • In the case of refrigeration plant which is further regulated by SANS 10147 the inspector should check that the plant engineer is performing regular inspections and keeping records as required by SANS 10147.

Plant and Equipment where AVV is nvolved and has extensive experience include

  • Steam Generators (Boilers) and associated power piping
  • Refrigeration plants (Vessels and Piping)
  • Road tankers
  • Gas installations
  • Food and beverage production
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Plants
  • Brewing vessels (Fermenters, Storage Tanks, Dual Purpose Vessels & Bright Beer Tanks

AVV maintains a database of all vessels inspected and will remind clients timeously before the next inspection due date.